Last Monday the Urban Elephant team had the opportunity to attend a girl scout meeting and teach the troupe about the Screen Printing Process. The girls are planning a trip to San Antonio and wanted matching shirts to wear! We had them start by sketching out ideas and explaining their visions to Felix. He was able to design on his laptop while projecting his work for all to see. While Felix was designing, Raul was taking the girls through the printing process explaining each step necessary to screen print. Laura Scott, the troupe leader, even got her hands dirty and made a print that she kept for her troupe, and a souvenir from her first time screen printing. We had an awesome time and the girls shirts look awesome!

Thanks so much troupe 9254!

The girls sharing and sketching their ideas!

Felix designing and Raul showing the girls a screen used for printing

Laura and Raul Printing

The girls, Raul, and Felix

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The year is Two Thousand Eleven. The grass is still green, the electronics are getting hotter, and we still wonder why we told anyone the moon is made out of cheese. Either way, we realize it’s time to sign up for membership at the gym again because we made the same resolutions as we do every year. I was trying to figure out why we make “Looking Good” our resolution, unlike telling others the moon is made from cheese, I’ve actually figured it out! We want to look good because we represent ourselves, and we want to do it well! I also realized that we want to represent our business, school, or even an organization like church. That is why I decided to not only give you great graphic designs, but a design that is a part of who you are. Allow us to print your personality on a shirt. We are Urban Elephant Screen Printing— where we bring life to your vision!